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Picking the Right Fabric

Picking the right fabric is one of the best parts of my job. As a self-proclaimed managing director of Rainbow, it’s not every day that I get to spend time in the sample showroom. At least that’s what I like to call myself this week. My real title is “daughter of the boss – do whatever is necessary to get the job done”.

I am most often walking from table to table in the sewing room, answering design & timeline questions with clients, working on the business creating efficiencies, and documenting systems, meeting with reps, planning workshops, and social media. The list goes on and on,  but when given the challenge I like to think that creating design solutions is where I thrive.

The Key is listening to the client

The key is listening to the client first and establishing what the main objective is, I love getting to the bottom of the feelings. “What do you want the space to feel like when all is said and done” I listen for words like “Calm and clean” “beautiful and timeless” or “dark and functional”. Colour and texture will always surprise you, it’s a clue but not necessarily the final solution.

I find most of the time when selecting a fabric it will actually go on a journey, twists and turns will be taken as one fabric leads to the next. Performance attributes and fabric limitations like widths and content will help navigate. But I find it all comes down to that gut feeling.

Because of the nature of my job, there to support and serve and not often there to pick the final solution, I love to get intentional with the library sampling. Over the years we have grown to become one of the nicest resource centers in Edmonton. My goal with the showroom is to bring unique and exclusive lines to the design industry. Something you can’t find in the local upholstery shop. No offense upholsterers, I just want specific drapery options. They are different fabrics after all. Multipurpose is not always a good drapery option.

Like I said earlier, I am led by that gut feeling. You know the one that speaks to me, a collection that makes me want to create something is one I want in the resource center.

Consider Pene Panalver

Check out this one by Pene Panalver.

“With more than four decades of experience, Pepe Peñalver is without a doubt one of the benchmark Spanish textile brands.  Inspired by the latest fashion trends, the label offers original, avant-garde proposals, in a fresh and very up-to-date style, without losing the classical essences that define their collections and are noted as much for their floral motifs, prints, and jacquards, as for their richness of texture and unmistakable colour range.” Taken from the LinkedIn page of Pene Penalver

For me, it’s the hand, the colour, the texture, the scale, the mood, the everything! It all has to fall into the right place to be the right fabric. It has to have the “yes that’s the one”. Fabrics have the ability to speak, surprise, and lift spirits. For the love of fabrics, one of my favorite places to be is in the resource center.

That loving feeling

When it gets approved and then goes into production and becomes a real thing, there is such pride and honour in the process. Every step along the way gets a pull from the heartstrings and the effort goes a long way into making sure the end result is as good as it can be.

Now I can’t teach “that loving feeling”, but I can help navigate through the properties, performance, limitations, and go-to’s are super helpful in picking the right fabric.

I love being involved, offering an opinion, and cheering on the process. I hope you take me up on these services, I have put a lot of heart into the exclusive collections at Rainbow like this one by Pene Panalver.

It has beautiful tones, colour combinations, and organic materials and that pull on the heartstrings. A collection like this is worth the investment, a stand out just like you.

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