Did you know that Rainbow offers upholstery services? Have you ever thought about getting your furniture reupholstered?  Let me educate you on a few basics that you need to know to get started with a project.

How much does it cost?  Just like with any custom service, it’s always a good idea to send a photo and get a quote.

In general, reupholstery costs about the same as buying new, good quality furniture. Don’t compare to new, mass manufactured cheap furniture.  Like with anything of quality, it’s worth it to educate yourself.  Our furniture should be an investment.  They say onlyrich people can afford cheap furniture because it needs to be replaced so often.  What if you could end that cycle and invest in reupholstery?  There are so many benefits.




















Customization. You can choose whatever fabric and finishes you want for your furniture.  And there’s more to customize thanjust new fabric!  If you’ve ever thought, I wish I could tweak a few things about this couch.  Ask your upholsterer!  You never know what’s possible until you ask.  Upholstery is a very creative trade and you would be amazed at the things that can be done.  Updating the design can be as simple as removing the piping trim, leaving out buttons and pleats, or removing the skirt from the bottom of a sofa.  Other design changes can be made to the frame and the shape, depending on the piece.  Ask your upholsterer if they would be willing to update the design.  This adds a bit of cost to the project because the upholsterer will have to redesign some of the fabric elements, instead of following the pattern of the old pieces, which is faster and easier.

The most common misconception is that upholstery is all about the fabric. There is so much that goes on under the fabric.  The fabric on the outside is merely the icing on the cake.




A Good Quality Frame.

If your furniture is well made and has a solid frame, it is worth reupholstering. The frame is really all that matters.  Most furniture gets stripped down to the frame, and the structure of the webbing and springs is assessed for quality, and if needed, redone from scratch.

One advantage of reupholstery is the chance to strengthen the frame once all the layers have been stripped off. Sometimes they just need a little glue and a few screws, and sometimes there’s a bit more work to it, but if it’s a well-made old piece, this can give decades of new life to your piece

Value. We are all familiar with the term, “You get what you pay for.”  When you hire a professional, experienced upholsterer to reupholster your furniture, you know you are getting value and quality.  Upholstery skills are incredibly complex and varied and it takes decades of experience to get good at it.  Experienced upholsterers are few and far between and their work has value.  Upholsterers love what they do.  You know they will give your piece a little extra TLC and make it special.  Every piece is unique.  Every piece gets attention to detail.

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Supporting local business. When you support your local upholsterer, you’re supporting local businesses. You may be paying a little bit more to get your piece reupholstered, but you’re contributing to someone’s income, and helping them pay their bills.  Can you say the same when you buy new furniture from a big chain?


Now that you’re a bit more educated about upholstery, why not call Rainbow and ask for a quote today?

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