Drapery Hardware can be overlooked very easily when designing a finished window treatment. There are literally hundreds of options but not all are appropriate. In this situation we have a client who is frustrated with the way her drapes hang. And I don’t blame her; the drapery hooks keep flipping off the rings and hanging awkwardly. The problem is not the drapes themselves but rather the hardware they are mounted on. Although you cannot see the whole picture this window is 14’ wide and the drapes are lined with a heavy blackout liner. The rings are not the best option when it comes to a workable treatment this wide, they get stuck along the way causing the drapes to pop off when pulled on. The better option, the solution to this problem is a channel rod. The channel rod looks the same from the front, but it has a cut out along the bottom and heavy duty gliders inserted inside the channel where the drapery hooks hang from. The weight of the drapes is now hanging from below the rod using gravity to its advantage, instead of the other way around where the drapes were pulling on the ring from above.

Problem Window:


My suggestion would be to take down the rod and rings and save this rod style for narrower windows or side panels. The channel rod is the way of the future when it comes to easy of operation for workable drapes and it comes in a variety of diameters and finishes.


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