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FastTRACK Design Specialist Certification Program—On-Demand

This course includes eight recorded webinars and led by an expert instructor. Each session is tailored to suit your needs in a natural progression. Study and pass the test and you will be a Window Fashion Certified Professional Design Specialist. This program offers an easy, affordable and speedy way to market yourself as the go-to Certified Design Specialist in your area.  

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Mentorship for new and growing interior designers

If you a new and growing interior designer that is looking to offer an elevated experience that includes window coverings to your full service design business then check out this opportunity! Cheryl Meiklejohn is now offering customizable mentorship programs to the interior design trade. This mentorship is totally tailored to your needs, and is recommended in 2 hour bookings. Cheryl’s expertise lies in the knowledge and experience she has gained from running the couture workroom for 25 years, and running her own sewing and installation business before that.  Having worked with hundreds of designers and builders she has met the many different needs of these different business models. Cheryl understands and respects that everyones business needs to operate a little bit different and has taken pride in her skills as a creative to adapt to the ever changing needs of the industry. Cheryl’s dream as a little girl was to be a teacher, and her vision now is to help elevate the industry and share her wealth of knowledge in a one-on-one environment with intention to inspire the next generation to keep the high standards of the hand crafted workroom that Rainbow has brought to the market of the past 50 years. Please contact us for more information on how Cheryl can help guide you through all the technical need-to-know and product knowledge that is required to add window coverings to your full service design business.

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