A lady never tells.  Well, almost never.  But in this case I am going to reveal a little bit of what’s behind the magic at Rainbow Draperies.  This company has a pulse of its own, and it is no accident!  The driving force behind this energy is none other than Cheryl Meiklejohn – CEO, Owner, Operator, Lady C, Queen Bee, Momma C, Mother Drapery – she has been called it all!  She is the secret ingredient that earned this place its reputation of being THE BEST.  Simply put, her standards are higher than most people expect, her work ethic is tiresome, and above all things, her integrity is unparalleled.  But let’s not overlook her innovation and dedication to the craft itself.  Lady C has been constantly reinventing trends, remodeling showrooms, and bringing to life the mere notions swirling inside the heads of her loyal following of designers.  Lady C can literally visualize the end product before her clients can, she sees the pattern, the fabric, the lining, the hardware, she sees the team of people it takes to make it happen, and she knows how to put it all together!  Lady C has put her blood, sweat, and tears into making this workroom a place for people to come together and collaborate, whether it’s over coffee, or over wine!  There is always something going on at Rainbow Draperies – just try and keep up with the constant changes.

Which leads me to our next adventure, the website!  We have expanded beyond face-to-face design creation, and developed an online tool that allows ordering of quick reliable solutions for your drapery & bedding needs.  You’ll see beautiful and effortless concepts right before your eyes, saving you design time without sacrificing style or quality.  Don’t get us wrong, we love sitting down with people and following their dreams to fruition; and we will never depart from that exciting collaborative process.  But the website is about what Lady C recommends; she has taken her years of expertise and provided a place to create something she would put her meticulous stamp of approval on.  From hand selected textiles that drape gorgeously, to reliable pleats that are tried and true, you’re sure to find the keys to your daunting drapery dilemmas.

I hope this tool provides you with the perfect balance of ease and panache to inspire you to enhance your home with more fabrics.  You’ll be delighted knowing you’ve successfully combined true style & flair with the quality of construction that only Rainbow Draperies can deliver!  Welcome to drapery nirvana – a way of life and a dream come true.  Happy Shopping!

Kim Neeser, Editorial Director

Rainbow Draperies Is Awesome